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The story follows three friends, Marco, Sam, and Natasha, as they drive down a long stretch of highway in the Mojave desert. After passing a mysterious gas station, the friends suddenly stop short of hitting a parked car on the road. When the dust settles, the trio encounters an extraordinary paradox that will set off a chain reaction of events that not only threatens their lives but the very fabric of space and time. 

Director’s Notes

The Bootstrap Paradox (also known as the Grandfather Paradox) states that if time-travel is possible, it follows that something in the future may cause something in the past, which may stop the initial cause. The famous example goes, “if a man goes back in time and accidentally kills his grandfather, how was he born in the first place”? 

The story takes place on a highway gas-station in the middle of the desert. Three friends find themselves trapped in an extraordinary highway paradox they seem powerless to escape.  Encountering future versions of themselves along the way, the three friends continue to play out the same mistakes they just witnessed. Even worse, by trying to stop the loop, they may end up causing it to exist in the first place.  

Inspired by the stress of global events over the past few years and a diverse range of work, such as No Country For Old Men, Groundhog’s Day, Back to the Future, the Netflix series Dark, and Fx’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Bootstrap Cafe is a comedic tale that explores themes of being “stuck in an loop”, history repeating itself in similar patterns, and feeling culprit in these cycles of repetition while feeling powerless to stop them from repeating.

Our hope is that The Bootstrap Cafe will leave audiences with a cathartic release from the stress of the future and the guilt of the past, while inspiring wonder at what is right in front of them.

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Among our hirees include director of photography, gaffer, key grip, sound mixer, first AC, media manager, art director, script supervisor, editor, and colorist, actor, and three body doubles.


We will have to rent a space for the Cafe as well as close a section of a desert road in order to film this piece.

Equipment Rentals

In order to film Bootstrap Cafe, we will need to rent two identical cars, along with car mounts, rigging, lighting, and sound equipment as well as an equipment transporter.

Craft Services

As part of a professional shoot, we will be feeding our crew and actors during our shoot days.

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