Our History

Strange Trio Productions was born in the summer of 2015 by Natasha Harris,
Sam Ashdown and Marco Vega while working as colleagues at the tony-award winning
Utah Shakespeare Festival, and has since blossomed into a team of tenacious
As a writers room and short film production company, Strange Trio has
produced five short films in four different states across the country. In 2016, Strange
Trio produced You Suck Natasha, Where’s Marco and Beach Day, and two years later
produced, Bears Can’t Smell Air and Couple’a Notes. Inspired by the short films they
created, company member Sam Ashdown wrote and directed, BOB, which premiered
at the Knoxville Film Festival in 2020.
After designing and leading a successful series of online workshops for the
Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Strange Trio expanded its focus to include theatrical
development and outreach to schools and communities across the United States, with
the goal of making the magic of Shakespeare accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

Strange Trio Production’s mission is to uplift and amplify the creative voice, creating unique, collaborative stories that expose, explore, and document the strangeness and beauty of life, with the goal of creating dialogue and widening perspectives in the world around us. We believe in honest storytelling that records a piece of consciousness of our time, and it is our duty to preserve the true absurdity of being alive. 

Our Coaching Philosophy

Strange Trio Productions is guided by the philosophy that art has the ability to create true empathy in our world. By exposing audiences to stories that are not their own, art has the ability to open minds to differing points of view. Art provides a foundation that depends on listening to others, caring about something outside ourselves, and embracing vulnerability. Art is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, and it the job of us as art makers to ignite the hearts and minds of our audience connecting us together especially during these divisive times.

Our role as coaches is to create an engaging, positive, and inclusive atmosphere where students feel comfortable pushing their own perceived limitations while being given the practical tools they need to build a strong foundation in their work. It is essential to us to present coaching that incorporates different learning styles and meets students at various levels of ability and experience. We approach all our teaching from a process-based methodology and strive to create a safe space for students to play, experiment, and fail boldly. Whatever the subject, students benefit from having clear guidelines and instructions, and it is our responsibility as educators to provide clarity and allow each student the opportunity to be successful.

Overall, the goal of Strange Trio Productions is to dynamically engage our audience in a variety of ways and create a supportive space that fosters our community.

What We Offer

Short Films

Strange Trio Productions is committed to the production of new works. Click here to check out some of our latest pieces.

Writer's Room

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Private Coaching

Personalized coaching for professional or collegiate auditions, hone specific skills, and/or receive guidance on working at a professional level. Great for students, teachers, and professionals.

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