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What We Offer

Please note: Teaching artists are assigned based on fit and availability

Single Sessions

1/2-Hour Private—— $50    $40

1-Hour Private——— $70   $60

Scholarships are available. Send us an email to find out more.

Package Sessions

1/2-Hr Private 4-Session Package

$160    $120

1/2-Hr Private 8-Session Package

$300   $220

1/2-Hr Private 12-Session Package

$420    $300

1-Hr Private 4-Session Package

$260    $220

1-Hr Private 8-Session Package

$500   $420

1-Hr Private 12-Session Package

$720    $600

Small-Group Sessions

2-3 Students per Session 

1/2-Hr Private– $40    $20/student

1-Hr Private—– $60    $30/student

Scholarships are available. Send us an email to find out more.

Private Coaching for students, teachers and professionals

This is perfect for those individuals looking to prepare for professional or collegiate auditions, hone specific skills, and/or receive guidance on the ins and outs of working at a professional level, including resume formatting, headshots, union rules etc.

Our Story

Strange Trio Productions is a collective of artists who believe in the mission of making theatre, writing, and film-making accessible to anyone no matter the age, gender, race, creed, or ability. With a unique set of expertise that spans across industries, we provide teaching artists who are working professionals that share the same passion for education. We believe in a ground-up approach,  bringing the artists directly to you.

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